Legal Liability

Handling and storage of hazardous chemical substances

MSDS, better known as a Material Safety Datasheet, is a crucial piece of document that is supplied free of charge with every hazardous chemical substance supplied. It is constitutes of 16 sections given under the hazardous chemical substance regulations in the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993.

It is important that all employees who may be exposed to such hazardous chemical substances within the work environment are correctly trained in understanding the hazards they may be exposed to when working with such a chemical. OHST has put together a simple, user friendly course to ensure that the employee is able to locate, interpret and understand what is expected when handling and storing chemicals.


  • Introduction to hazardous chemical substance regulations, in the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993.
  • Terminologies and definitions.
  • Understanding the 16 sections of the MSDS.
  • Classification of chemicals & Compatibility chart
  • Handling & Storage Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Basic Fire & Basic First Aid
  • Assessment
TARGET GROUP: Managers, Store Controllers, Supervisors, HCS coordinators, Safety Officers
COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course provides the learner with an in-depth knowledge on the handling & storage of hazardous chemical substances at the workplace.